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Just an experiment initially...
So who is BLOT anyway?
A DJ and an artist...
A coupla guys with stories to tell...
More than just an acronym...
Avinash and Gaurav answer the inevitable question.
When was the last time you said 'I was there'?
B.R.E.E.D. has been around since before DJ'ing began in India, pushing the envelope, breaking the rules. We wanted to know, what was the moment or event that changed his life and brought him where he is today?
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B.R.E.E.D.: The Roots
Music was always in his blood. When he encountered his first turntable, the seeds for B.R.E.E.D. were sown. Today, we dig deeper and get the story of the young Goan boy who went on to become one of India's greatest DJs.
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B.R.E.E.D.'s Dream
So when you've been internationally acknowledged as one of the best dubstep DJs in the world, what's left? What's B.R.E.E.D.'s dream project? We asked, he answered.
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B.R.E.E.D. Rajasthan Style!
B.R.E.E.D. AKA DJ Nasha AKA Ritesh D'Souza is more than a DJ. He's a wandering minstrel of sorts, traveling the word with a satchel full of samplers and recorders. B.R.E.E.D. finds inspiration everywhere-people, sounds, colors. All of which he collects and uses in his trippy sets.
B.R.E.E.D. arrived in Rajasthan looking for inspiration, and boy did he find it. Wandering around an ancient haveli, he stumbled upon a sarangi player. And we sure are glad we were around to capture the collaboration.
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B.R.E.E.D. Goes Glocal
Listen to a B.R.E.E.D. track and you know youre hearing more than just synths and laptop mixes. He brings his own spin on dubstep music, layering it with samples collected from all over the world. Watch B.R.E.E.D. talk about his passion for sampling-the secret sauce that makes his tracks uniquely his own.
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Check out B.L.O.T's be there moment
Initially B.L.O.T started as something fun but soon it turned out to be something that they seriously believed in. We asked B.L.O.T about when was the last time they said I WAS THERE and this is what they had to say.
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B.L.O.T shares their dream moment
Having a free open air music festival where everyone is invited, ideas & cultures are exchanged is a moment that B.L.O.T would love to experience. Check out this video for more!
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Music is a way to express himself says Gaurav from B.L.O.T
Music is a not only a hobby but a way to communicate, a way to reach out. Watch this video as B.L.O.T's Gaurav talks about the surprising philosophy behind his act.
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Inspiration is everywhere
you've heard the music and seen the art but what inspires B.L.O.T's Avinash? Check out this Smirnoff exclusive.
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BLOT tears up Rajasthan...!
And here they are... B.L.O.T. or Basic Love of Things, DJ and artist, audio and visual, Gaurav and Avinash. Two Delhi boys who have combined music and art that turn an ordinary gig into a mind-blowing audio-visual experience. At a BLOT gig, you don't just listen to the music, you go along a ride, a journey, an epic adventure! So why should this act be trapped inside a smoky nightclub? We put BLOT together with a film crew and sent them to a quaint village in Rajasthan where they created some mayhem and woke up some ghosts...Check out this cool track: 'Furchen' You can also Listen to more of BLOT's music on their Soundcloud profile http://soundcloud.com/blot
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B.L.O.T. are exactly like that
B.L.O.T is an never ending exchange of ideas, they are obsessed with everything around them, a surge of musings about music, art, fashion and yes a lot of laughs! Essentially, B.L.O.T is all about the appreciation of life, music, art and everything else. Watch this video and do stay tuned for more. Life is calling Be there.
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Aussie band The Potbelleez surprise a Sydney cinemacrowd
In a Sydney cinema, an unsuspecting audience waited for the movie to begin, unaware they were going to be part of a one-of-a-kind live gig! One by one, members of Australian electro/house group The Potbelleez emerged from the audience performing their hit song Dont Hold Back. Check it out!
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A Night Out With... Dan Black in Paris
Think of Paris and you get the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Champs-Elysees. Want to get off the beaten track and discover a different side to Paris? Take a journey with British electro artist Dan Black, as he gives us a personal tour of the unexpected side of his city
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Listen to DJ Nawed describe his dream of dancing to the electronica beats of his childhood idol
DJ Nawed has been waiting a lifetime to see his favourite international DJ perform in India. And now his dream is about to come true. Discover more in this
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Check out DJ Nawed describe what it feels like to share the stage with one of the world's best DJs
Not even in his wildest dreams could Nawed have imagined DJ'ing to a crowd of passionate dance music fans alongside world-renowned DJ, Maxwell. But then it happened. Listen to his incredible Be There story.
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Is there more to Indian music than Bollywood soundtracks? - Smirnoff Exclusive interview with DJ Naved
Check out DJ Nawed's thoughts on the Indian music scene and find out how you can discover the freshest electronica tracks for yourself.
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Tune in to this dynamic DJ Nawed dance track
DJ Nawed loves making uplifting, high energy electronica music. So crank the volume and bop along to this dance classic performed Exclusively for Smirnoff.
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DJ Nawed reveals what sparked his passion for dance music in this Exclusive interview
From mild mannered bookworm to ultra cool clubbing star. Find out whose surprise school-visit inspired DJ Nawed's love-affair with the turntables.
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Find out how Jalebee Cartel followed in the footsteps of rock music royalty
Listen to the Cartel describe their star-struck Life is Calling Be There experience. Amsterdam. Paradiso. David Gilmour! See what else they reveal in this Smirnoff Exclusive interview.
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Jalebee Cartel are putting India on the international electronica map
The Jalebee sound isn't about neat packaging - it's about fusing genres to create a raw, electric style of urban dance music. Listen to the JC members describe their evolving sound.
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Up-tempo, exciting electronica - see this Jalebee Cartel Smirnoff Exclusive performance
What happens when three DJs and a metal-loving bassist form a band? A potent, energetic and livewire mix of progressive electronica music, overlaid with live vocal harmonies, percussions, drums and tablas. Experience Jalebee for yourself in this live performance.
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Has Indian electronica emerged from the underground? - Jalebee Cartel Exclusive interview
Jalabee have performed around the world and drawn praise from the world's biggest DJs. Find out how far they think the Indian electronica scene has come in this Smirnoff Exclusive interview.
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Jalebee Cartel dream of taking Indian dance music to the four corners of the globe
Discover the kind of Be There moments the guys from Jalebee Cartel dream of - everything from playing at the world's biggest festivals to partying in the Carribean. Wish you were there with them? Be There.
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Love freedom and expression with Shaa'ir + Func - Exclusive Interview
Love, freedom, expression. Check out Shaa'ir + Func describing their fresh and free-spirited approach to music making.
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Shaa'ir + Func - want to celebrate dance with a million people by the Himalayas!
One million electronica fans dancing to the cranking tunes of Indian and international acts below a towering backdrop of Himalayan mountains? Check out Shaa'ir + Func sharing their dream Life Is Calling moment.
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It's electronica at its most enchanting in this Shaa'ir + Func Smirnoff exclusive performance.
Let Shaa'ir + Func carry you into a melodic musical landscape that embraces your ears and sets your feet tapping and your body grooving! Check it out
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This rocking Shaa'ir + Func dance-classic is guaranteed to get you moving
Haunting vocals and an irresistible dance-rock crescendo. Watch as Shaa'ir + Func get you on your feet and stomping to the beat in this exclusive music video.
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Shaa'ir + Func's high energy performance exclusively for Smirnoff
Genre-crossing duo Shaa'ir + Func have been hailed as one of the most creative outfits to emerge from the Indian electronica music scene. They fuse everything from poetry, R&B and funk to electronica and rock. Their mission is simple - to make you dance!
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Its divine to be an electronica front woman in India - Shaa'ir + Func's exclusive Interview
Rocking out to a sea of festival fans! Listen to Shaa'ir reveal her most exciting Life is Calling moment. And discover why its divine to be an electronica front woman in India.
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Shaa'ir + Func give their thoughts on the electronica scene in India
What is the connection between electronica music in India and 1960s rock and roll? Find out in Shaa'ir + Func's unique interview on the local music scene.
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We Are Scientists - Smirnoff Exclusive Performance
Check out Californian indie rockers We Are Scientists giving an impromptu performance of their track 'After Hours' on the streets of LA! Wish you were there?
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Kram - Smirnoff Exclusive
Gig at a pizza shop? Australian rocker Kram, reveals what should have been a disappointing gig turned out to be one of the most incredible experiences of his life. Check out his story.
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USS - Smirnoff Exclusive
Canadian indie duo USS describe how even hours of torrential rainfall could not dampen theirs or their fans' festival spirits. Check out the band talking about their unforgettable experience.
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We Are Scientists - Smirnoff Exclusive
Californian indie rockers We Are Scientists describe a moment when fans helped to turn a power outage into an experience they will remember forever.
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Mr Hudson - Smirnoff Exclusive
British rising artist Mr Hudson reflects on how a performance in New York became one he will never forget. Check out his story..
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In our Catch the Beat section you will find exclusive interviews and performance by some of the best Indian electronica artists and DJ's. Watch them express their views on the Indian electronica music scene and where it is headed in the future. Watch Shaair + Func, BREED, Jalebee Cartel and lot of other DJ's talking about their Life Is Calling Be There moment that they would love to experience. So all you electronica fans this is some great Smirnoff content that you must check out.
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